December 2017 ♦ Unicorns


We believe in Unicorns.

all images by Peach Babe, Carol Vega


Manna Kadar

GLO Illuminator

Rosy | $29

Incandescent highlighter that can be used on the face & body to create a beautiful "glo" that lights up your skin. Mix with foundation or wear alone to provide a youthful glow & dewy finish.



Eau de Parfum

Ride a Unicorn | $24

Have you ever wondered what a unicorn smells like? This intoxicating, smooth floral fragrance evokes a citrus top of bergamot and orange wrapped with lush jasmine and warmed with patchouli, vetiver and vanilla. The effect is magical, girly, and entirely addictive. It's quite the fantastical beast. 🦄

Soapy Bliss

Bathtub Candies

bubbly | $20

This box is an ode to champagne! Each box contains one of each of the following: Pink Champagne, Mimosa, Strawberries and Champs, and Peach Bellini! Bathtub Candies are sweet, little indulgent bath melts handcrafted with the finest, freshest cocoa butter and vitamin E available! To use simply drop a piece in your tub, and let the candy melt and fizz!


Rivers et Roses

Coco Wax Candle

Assorted Scents | $22

Made with 100% coco wax and love, these candles can also be used as a body conditioner! You'll received a candle in one of these randomly assorted scents: Lucille (amber, rose, lavender), Peach & BambooJasmine or White Tea.


Blue Q 

Special Unicorn Socks

One Size | $10

Everyone's a special unicorn in their own special way. But you're probably the most special, so you get the special socks. Women's shoe size 5-10. 57% combed cotton, 41% nylon and 2% spandex.

Symphony Beauty

Snow Cream Moisturizer

100 mL | $20

This facial moisturizer from Symphony Beauty is lightweight & fluffy, absorbing immediately to leave your skin fresh and hydrated without any sticky residue. Perfect for keeping skin supple in the winter months!

Peachy Box